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We offer the following services to middle market companies:

  • Proprietary investments: We hold close relationships with a number of investment professionals and groups that have an active interest in Latin America, including: wealthy individuals, family offices, private equity funds, hedge funds, and merchant banks. Together, we participate selectively in transactions that are in line with our investment criteria and risk-adjusted return parameters.
  • Capital raising: we work with companies to raise both equity and debt capital:
    • Equity: we raise equity for various purposes, including: (i) growth and expansion capital; (ii) capital to buyout or replace shareholders; and (iii) other solutions tailored to the specific needs of the company
    • Debt: traditional bank debt in Latin America is often costly and allows for little flexibility; we work with independent finance groups to structure debt products that solve specific needs of the companies with whom we work
  • Mergers & acquisitions: we represent shareholders, board of directors, and owners of businesses in the sale of minority and control positions. There are various reasons why an owner of a business would consider a partial or the entire sale of his business, including:
    • Diversification of assets
    • Monetization of his shares to achieve liquidity and unlock value
    • Issues related to the succession plan of the business or challenges between shareholders
    • Desire to change lifestyle
  • Restructuring: we help businesses in the restructuring of their debts and contingencies

We are focused on middle market companies based out of Latin America with annual revenues in the range of USD$10 - 200 million. On the principal investing side of our business, we look at nascent and lower middle-market businesses and consider investments across the capital structure where we can add value as active investors.